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Amplify Your Mindset with Ricky Kalmon

Oct 28, 2022

Joshua Frank (JT) is a proud veteran and first responder. He started his career in the United States Air Force and has spent the last 23 years protecting and serving his country as a civilian federal employee. Through his extensive time in the military and as a first responder, he has become very familiar with both the positive and negative lifestyles and habits associated with these career fields. Unfortunately for JT, the negative habits progressively played a larger role in his life. Eventually, JT realized not only do these habits not serve him personally, they are detrimental to the long-term success and mental health of the veteran and first responder community.

In 2019, JT came to a crossroads in his life where, through personal reflection, he looked inwardly at what was holding him back from being the best version of himself. Through his exploration, JT realized the power of habit building, both negative and positive ones, in relation to happiness and success. He made major changes in his life to work towards a healthier lifestyle and building better habits for himself.

JT’s lifestyle changes inspired him to create the Consequence of Habit podcast in 2020 with the overall goal of empowering individuals and communities by bringing awareness to the impact habits have on mental health, success, and the environment.