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Amplify Your Mindset with Ricky Kalmon

Dec 16, 2022

Andrew Dorfman and his wife, Aimee, have been in the comedy business for over 35 years. He started his career as a young comic and as a comic manager's assistant in the mid-80s. Realizing that the road was not the path for their life. Andrew and Aimee decided to open up a comedy club. In 1992 in Vernon Hills, Illinois, they opened up and partnered with Rick Uchwat, Zanies Comedy Club. From there, the club business grew to where Aimee and Andrew own multiple clubs and own multiple club names; Improv, Zanies, Stand Up Live, and comedy zones. In his later life, Aimee and Andrew have chosen to slow down “haha” and ventured into the orchard business. They own a successful orchard/country store and winery in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. They have three beautiful sons, two pigs, five mini horses, one full-size horse, six goats, four cows, one donkey, 50 chickens, three dogs, a turtle, two snakes, and a cat. They are trying to live the best life they can.