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Amplify Your Mindset with Ricky Kalmon

Jun 2, 2023

Michelle Routhenstein is a thought leader and expert in heart disease management and prevention. Globally, heart disease is the number 1 cause of death. However, research shows that 80% of heart disease is preventable through nutrition and lifestyle change. Michelle’s mission is to reduce this burden. Michelle has a thriving nutrition counseling and consulting private practice, where she helps clients optimize their heart health. She utilizes science-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine to yield high success rates and astonishing results. She helps reduce the risk of heart disease by counseling clients, delivering engaging speeches that empower others to take ownership of their health, and by leveraging her social media to increase awareness worldwide. She approaches nutrition through a dynamic perspective that tackles the underlying root causes of chronic disease to protect individuals' hearts for optimal longevity. She also is a Forbes Health advisory board member. Michelle is the author of the cookbook  titled:  The Truly Easy Heart-Healthy Cookbook: Fuss-Free, Flavorful, Low-Sodium Meals