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Amplify Your Mindset with Ricky Kalmon

Jan 6, 2023

Julia Williamson started riding horses at the age of four. No one in her family has any background in horse or ranching. She grew up in a typical suburban neighborhood.

Horses have always been part of her life. She never stopped learning about and from them. She eventually turned her passion into a profession at the age of 18. A lot of her work is focused around “problem horses” and rehabilitation.

Throughout the years of being exposed to the main problems she sees going on between horses and humans, she has learned that compassionate horsemanship is what gets the long-term results, change, and connections that people are looking for and longing for.

Heart-to-heart connection is an understanding of how the horse communicates and what the horse tries to tell us, and why.

She believes that by learning what to look for and how to correctly interpret the signs, we can prevent further problems in the future and generally raise the level of education and awareness in the equestrian community.

Julia has the purpose and passion for spreading the wisdom of horses and for sharing the joyful moments they bring to her life. She has over 163,000 followers on Instagram in a very short time, and the videos that she posts are mesmerizing.